The globalist agenda is still real and dangerous

The globalist agenda is still real and dangerous

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The globalist agenda is still real and dangerous

The globalist agenda is still alive and dangerous, and currently its most visible expression is the World Economic Forum, which promotes the Great Reset project in an open and public way, as it can be seen on its own website.


As Mayer Rothschild said more than two centuries ago: "Give me control of a country's money supply and I won't care who makes its laws." In this way this globalist agenda that promotes a new world order in a corporatist socialist system, that is, where the elites rule together with the large technological corporations, begins precisely with the deception of the monetary expansion, in which central banks along with private banks increasingly create more money out of thin air so that the States can borrow more and more, which the middle and lower classes, who are becoming poorer, end up paying with taxes.


In addition, these financial elites led by the Group of Thirty or G30 and whose executing agency is the Bank for International Settlements, also seek greater levels and forms of control with the creation of digital currencies backed by the States with the hidden objective of finishing off with the cash, so today cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin would be a good refuge if this disappearance of the cash happens to occur.


On the other hand, for some time the official media have seen how the population has stopped trusting them when it comes to informing themselves, thus this discrediting of the media together with the need to maintain a single thought on issues such as the activity of the pharmaceutical companies, the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines or the official position regarding the Covid pandemic, for example, has caused the proliferation of an industry of truth-checking companies, called the fact-checking industry, that far from being neutral are often funded by big tech companies to censor dissenting views.In short, the globalist project these days consists of the concept of inclusive capitalism, in which states and large multinationals join forces to create a new world order, in which fear is used as a weapon to do business and to control the population, which is continually frightened.


Thus, Bill Gates already said in a Ted conference in 2015 that the great risk for humanity in the future would not come from any war but from a pandemic; whilst now Klaus Schwab, the president of the World Economic Forum has said that the next great pandemic much larger than that of Covid-19 will be a cyber pandemic; and in turn the Bank for International Settlements, BIS, says that the next pandemic will be that of the green swan, that is to say that of climate change.

Auteur: César-Madrigal
Format: Paperback

Categorie: Maatschappij
Subcategorie: Totalitarisme
Thema: The Great Reseet