The 11 Rules of Persuasion

The 11 Rules of Persuasion

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The 11 Rules of Persuasion

The 11 Rules of Persuasion: How to Master People's Emotions, Understand their Intrinsic Motivations and Convince them of Your Ideas Incl. NLP and Dark Psychology


Would you like to know how to change people's beliefs and behaviours so that they respond "positively" to your requests, suggestions and plans? Would you like to know how to persuade others in a moral way to do the work in the way you like? If you want to answer these questions, start reading “The 11 Rules of Persuasion”.

One of the best books out there with realistic advice that can be put into practice right away. This book appealed to me because it provides business and personal advice about how to influence the actions of customers, colleagues, and friends. This book goes beyond what you'd learn in a traditional college psychology introductory course and you don't need to read any psychology books at all. I am in the marketing field and I have to persuade a number of people daily.

During the pandemic, it was hard for everyone to work and my business got distracted as well. Nowadays it is harder to persuade people to buy different products. I used my free time to learn how it works and to use it in my business. The results were amazing and I could sell and earn more money than before the pandemic. Patterns of convincing people have always been a mystery for me, and the other books I've read on the topic haven't helped. T

The writers of the other books seem to be more concerned with their "proficiency" of the subject than with teaching it to others who really wish to understand it. The author does a fantastic job of explaining what the content is about and how to use it in your life. This book is small in size and will be useful for people who do not have enough time to read long books and want to read a short book on psychology. This book tries to teach you to know your hidden abilities and, while being honest and correct, to penetrate others with mental courage and the power of words and move forward. With this book, you can definitely overcome any obstacle and bring even the most stubborn people with you.

The 11 Rules of Persuasion can provide marketers with rules and tools to persuade anyone they want. You can give this book as a gift to your boss or employee and thus establish more effective and efficient communication. I highly recommend reading this book.

Auteur: Matthew-Bennett
Format: Paperback