Multiple Streams of Property Income

Multiple Streams of Property Income

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Multiple Streams of Property Income

Multiple Streams of Property Income: Building A Passive Income With Multiple Property Strategies. Includes The 6 Stage Property Investment Roadmap

Generate cumulative passive income in the shortest, most realistic time!
This book isn’t about unrealistic get-rich-mega-quick schemes, or ploughing every waking moment into amassing your fortune – it’s about generating cumulative, recurring passive income in the shortest, most realistic timeframe.

“Multiple Streams of Property Income” will teach you the steps needed to create & systemise passive income streams, which you can sit back & watch compound over time.
Rob Moore’s upbeat, no-nonsense approach will guide you through the bluff and the noise, revealing a concrete property investor roadmap to move you in 6 smooth stages from unbeliever to multi-millionaire.

Ignore the chancers. Learn from the co-founder of the multi-million-pound Progressive Group, who together with his business partner Mark Homer, has bought and sold over 550 properties.

Simply relying on buy to let to fund your retirement or get out of your job is not enough in this fast changing economy.

Multiple Streams of Property Income takes you through UK Property Multi-Millionaire Rob Moore’s 6 Stage Investor System, taking you on a suported journey from new investor to £Multi-Million property business owner, revealing and detailing multiple income strategies through property investing for long term and more short term, immediate cashflow.

You will learn:

Unbeatable time leverage tactics
Rob’s unique “piggy-backing investment technique” to compound your income – faster
The insider scams and income drains to avoid
How to attain strategic clarity
The 4 income “quarters” you need to understand to produce leveraged passive income

Rob Moore is an investor, best selling author, podcast host and owner of the largest property education company in the UK. He lives and loves entrepreneurship and property investing, and is the host of successful UK podcasts, The “Disruptive Entrepreneur” and “Money”.

Auteur: Rob Moore
Format: Paperback

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