Antichrist, the Vatican and the Great Deception

Antichrist, the Vatican and the Great Deception

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Prepare to have your world view shattered as best selling author Bob Mitchell takes you on a journey from ancient Babylon and Nimrod, the first world ruler, to the mystics and Freemasons of the Middle Ages and modern day;

to the strange ceremony the Freemasons carry our every time a new president is elected in the USA invoking a spirit into the new leader, to the EU and its link back to Babylon and the Tower of Babel;

to the unsolved, nagging mysteries of 9/11 and the stripping of our individual freedom;

the possible 9/11 link to Black Magician Aleister Crowley and the release of demonic forces onto the earth;

to the apparent plans of the world's elite for a coming global crisis and a one world government;

to the mystical Illuminati symbolism of the 2012 London Olympics hastening a global disaster;

to the Vatican and its search for UFOs and an alien saviour and the mysterious object Jesuit astronomers are watching as it approaches earth;

to the strange prophecies of St Malachy regarding the final pope who will take the Roman Catholic Church into the Great Tribulation;

to the predictions of ancient Hebrew Prophets about the Last Days;

the current plans in Israel for a Third Temple, a Temple the prophets warned will be desecrated by the Antichrist and the rise of a pagan based false Christianity based in Rome.

All this and more is merely part of the age old preparation for the appearance of the Antichrist and his False Prophet, both of whom will bring such calamity and demonic deception to the earth only to be brought to a halt at the physical return to earth of Jesus Christ. Those days are almost upon us. Be informed and be ready to be shocked by these revelations. Illustrated and referenced.

Auteur: Bob Mitchell
Format: Paperback

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